Complexed vermiCompost leachate

A Nutrient & Biological Rich Liquid Fertiliser

What is SMS Progro?

SMS Progro is a unique nutrient & biological rich liquid fertiliser in a bioavailable form extracted from vermicompost with a very diverse variety of life contained within it.
Having passed through the worms digestive systems, all of the over 60 different nutrients – macro, trace & micro are readily available to the plant. Put simply SMS Progro is produced combining best practices in composting and worm farming techniques to produce a rich organic fertiliser full of micro-organisms.
This unseen, microscopic life is the cornerstone to releasing the soil’s nutrients for whatever is grown in it. The result is a fully organic, balanced soil that works intensively, encouraging the maximum growth with the crops planted in it. Whilst the macro nutrients NPK are essential nutrients, plants require a complex range of mineral nutrients to grow well & be more resistant to pest & disease. SMS Progro contains a balance of all these nutrients. Additionally a major strength of SMS Progro is its incredible microbial activity resulting in increased biological release of soil nutrients.

Applying SMS Progro

It is best to avoid applying SMS Progro in the full sun of midday heat. It is applied through a boom on its own or with herbicides while controlling weeds. It is not recommended to apply with insecticides or fungicides. Rather it can be used in place of these chemicals. Before doing so however, it is best to discuss this with one of SMS representatives. The initial application of SMS Progro can be applied with the pre-seeding knockdown herbicide – wet or dry. The resulting increase microbial activity in the soil will release nutrients in the soil in an available form & aid a faster germination of a healthy & robust plant.

SMS Progro can be used as a seed dress on its own or with other seed dressings. A healthy & vigorous germination aids in combating adverse conditions such as pre-emergent herbicide damage or insect attack etc. For those with liquid fertiliser systems on their seeding machine SMS Progro is ideal either on its own or in combination with other liquid fertilisers. Fertigation or drip systems are also ideal. Foliar spraying SMS Progro is a most common method of application although SMS recommend the above additional applications for the best results.
As a foliar it can be applied at early tillering & if seasonal conditions are favourable a top up application can be made at full flag leaf. It can be applied in place of UAN for nitrogen where the efficiency of the nitrogen is much greater due to leaching & volatilisation being virtually non-existent. Efficiency of any traditional fertilisation is also enhanced.

Application Rates of SMS Progro

Seed Dressing:- apply 10 – 20 litres per ton of grain. Apply from seed silo into service truck for the days sowing program. Have a cup of tea before transferring to seed hopper. This allows time for absorption into grain & grain to dry. Pre-sowing application:- apply 10 litres per ha with knock down herbicide. Liquid Fertiliser Systems:- for those with these systems apply SMS Progro at 10 – 20 litres per ha with water volume of 100 litres per ha. Foliar application:- apply early tillering at 6 litres per ha. If seasonal conditions are favourable apply an additional application at full flag leaf.

Pasture application:- apply an initial application of 10 litres per ha. Apply an additional application at end of winter when pastures begin to make growth in warmer weather at 6 litres per ha. Horticulture – Vineyards Orchards etc.:- apply 20 litres per ha at regular intervals

Will SMS Progro replace the current fertiliser program?

SMS Progro is not a complete replacement for current fertiliser practices. However it can be utilised to compliment a reduction in current fertiliser applications. SMS recognises that it is important farm input costs are not increased above current levels. We invite you to discuss with one of our representatives your overall fertiliser program. We will work with you on a program of improving soil & plant health for a more productive & satisfying farming experience for you & future generations. We recommend beginning with a comprehensive soil audit of your farm to provide a plan for the future.

SMS Progro & Guano

Our team at SMS believe that the combination of SMS Progro & SMS Guano will provide a unique compliment for your complete fertility needs, & at less cost than most current programs. In contrast to traditional practices we believe these products will give the high yield & quality with reduce chemical inputs whilst building overall farm health for the future. SMS is excited to offer this unique liquid fertiliser to Australian farmers for building healthy, balanced & nutrient rich soils & plants

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