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Why you should regularly test your soil

Through our business and established network of agents, we are offering farmers a choice in the planning and management of soil and plant nutrition.

Our agents are trained to provide in-field service giving the highest level of customer support.

We assist our clients to plan and manage their farm’s fertility program to maximise outcomes in line with their philosophy and methodologies.

When the soil analysis is completed, our clients can then choose the products or a blend of products.

Brenton will be more than happy to help with blending orders to suits your needs


“Balanced Nutrients – Balanced Soils”

From our Comprehensive Soil Test or Plant Tissue Test or both a plan can be offered to address the results of these test. We can blend the right soil friendly nutrients to correct the imbalances shown in the test results.

Call for a Soil or Plant test kit which has everything you need to collect samples for the Laboratory.

Custom Blends

Adelaide and Melbourne Warehouses only.

“For all your Soil and Plant Nutrition Needs”

We can Custom Blend Nutrients to meet a certain analysis that may be specifically required for your soils, pastures or crops. Besides our SMS Guano and Ammonium Sulphate we can also supply Sulphate of Potash, Elemental Sulphur or extra Trace Elements as required to a Blend to suit your needs.

Contact us for your requirements.


Adelaide and Melbourne Warehouses only.

With our bagging and blending plant we can bag 1 to 1.2 T bulka bags.

Contract bagging service is also available.

Soil or Tissue Testing Kit
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